Welcome to the Fraser Coast BUG

"This is great. Having the wind on my face, being out in the fresh air; why don't I do this more often"?  We have all probably thought it ......right?


Well what better way than to join the Fraser Coast Bicycle User Group. The Fraser Coast is a great place to enjoy on two wheels. Come and pedal your way to health and fitness while making some great friends along the way. The Club currently meets every Saturday with seven categories of group rides. No matter what kind of bike you ride or if you wear lycra or not, there is a ride group/level for you. We will help you with rides and routes that will increase your fitness, skill and confidence. Each group has a leader and a sweep ensuring that nobody gets left behind.

The club prides itself on its sense of community and welcoming friendly atmosphere. Our Club is about people, where a passion for cycling is the common bond that brings us together.

As a Bicycle User Group we also raise awareness of the benefits of cycling and support local, state and national strategies. We work with our local government to improve cycling conditions in our community; if we can make it safer for cyclists on the road then more people will ride.

On the website there is a lot of information about our Club.  For example, our ride details, information about how to ride in a group and what you might need to bring, so feel free to browse.

We recommend that if after riding with us a few times and still enjoying it, you become a member. The Membership Form can be downloaded from our site.

So why wait .... Take life by the handlebars and join us on a Saturday group ride, we would love to meet you.

               Noosa ride briefing

              Bikers on a ferry

                  Happy riders in recovery mode



 Our Social Side

"A laugh, great friends, camaraderie, shared pain, passion and plenty of good  coffee.... the bond that brings us together".

A big part of cycling's attraction is the social element - it is a great way to meet people who share a common interest.

Clubs serve to teach budding cyclists about their new-found sport as well as act as event organizers and meeting places. During the year the Fraser Coast Bug organizes weekend away rides, rides with other clubs, charity rides and special event rides. We like to keep it interesting.

We all enjoy a coffee or tea after our club ride and catching up with our friends. For many, cafe stops are an integral part of the life of a cyclist, it not only gives the weary legs a break but after burning so many calories we can top up and chat technical stuff and be generally sociable.