RIDE ETIQUETTE   --to be written and edited (still coming)






  • Indicate on all turns even when you think that you are alone. Get into the habit of using your arm to indicate a left turn or right turn until it becomes an automatic and learned habit. 

  • When riding in a group, keep pedaling! By “Soft Pedaling” - rotating pedals with little or no pressure, this ensures that there is less confusion by the riders behind you.  This assists in better communication for the group. 

  • At an intersection or on a roundabout, use an extended forearm to indicate that you intend to go straight ahead or to continue on the roundabout. This action communicates you intentions clearly to drivers. 

  • Indicate when leaving a roundabout. 

  • Ride in a straight line. If there are a number of parked cars with a number of car parks not occupied, ride in a straight line rather than moving in and out of the parked cars. 

  • Don’t overlap wheels. 

  • Don't pass on the left!

  • Stay aware of your surroundings 

  • Concentrate on riding  - sometimes it is better to concentrate - rather than to chat. 

  • Using a mobile phone while riding a bicycle comes at a cost ……. 

  • Cross railway lines at 90o

  • Don’t cut corners --  take care on RH corners particularly and ride through the full arc required to turn. Think about moving through the corner as if you were driving a car.

  • When fitting a cadence device, the magnet can be fitted to the end of the pedal instead of tying it to the crank. 

  • All riders should check the integrity of their nicks regularly!

  • It is not wise to ignore a squeak or rattle. Investigate the cause as soon as possible.

  • When replacing your tyre. Position the makers name/logo at the valve. This will make it easier to find a hole in your tube when you next get a puncture.