Non-Club Social Rides


Hervey Bay

Scarness group

When:    6:00 am* every day except Saturday.

Where:   Scarness Pier (opposite Deli Bay Cafe).

* Later 6.30 am start 1st Sunday in April to last Sunday in August inclusive. 

Usually enough riders for 2 groups/speeds with rides approx. 90 minutes duration (Sunday ride longer).


Fraser Shores group

When:    6:30 am* Wednesday & Friday

Where:   Fraser Shores Shopping Centre.  

*6:00 am during hotter months


Kondari group

When:    6:30 am* - most Monday, Wednesday and Fridays

Where:    Kondari Resort/Hotel car park, Elizabeth St.

*6:00 am some months



Road rides on most days of the week with Monday reserved for easy Mountain Bike ride - Contact Mark 41294889 for further details